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The current COOKIE POLICY is an integral part of GENERAL TERMS OF USE of BULMEDICAL.COM (Website) , administered by BG COMMERCE LTD (Company).

We use cookies or other similar tools on our site to improve its performance. This policy explains how we do this.

1.What are cookies?

“Cookies” are small files of information that are installed on your devices from which you access a certain website. They can be used in different ways: for example, for traffic analysis, for advertising purposes, for system reports on site activity and to recover information about your consumption, to improve the site’s functionality and analyze it. By using the term “Cookies” we refer to all files and technologies that collect information this way.

Cookies may also be installed by our website or by third parties.

In the “Cookies” used by us and by third parties, no information (personal data) is saved, so there is no (direct) identification of the User as a physical person.

2.What types of cookies do we use and what for?

Type1CategoryDomaine NameType2AimOperation period Addtional data 
FunctionalStatistics bulmedical.comsymfonyHTTPCreates token for the website sessions.User’s session.session 
Statistics bulmedical.comcom_mod_action_store_last_visitedHTTPRecently viewed products session
Statistics bulmedical.comcookieconsent_dismissedHTTPcookies accepted by users temporary
Statistics bulmedical.comcom_compare.shrinkHTTP session
Statistics bulmedical.comcom_mod_compare_choicedHTTPCreates a list of products,selected for comparisonsession 
Statistics bulmedical.comcomCartProductsHTTPSaves  products number in the user’s shopping cart session 
  Statistics bulmedical.comcomCartTotalHTTPSaves user’s shopping cart sum  session 
Functional (Google Analytics)Statistics bulmedical.com_gaHTTPRegisters the user with a unique identification code in order to generate website usage data.( User’s IP is made anonymous in accordance with Google Analytics Policy.)2 years          Read more 
Statistics bulmedical.com_gatHTTP
Creates steady rhythm of the website requests
Statistics bulmedical.com_gidHTTPRegisters users with  unique separate identification codes in order to differentiate them. ( User’s IP is made anonymous in accordance with Google Analytics Policy.)session/ up to 24 hours 
                  Functional(AddThis)Marketing bulmedical.com_atuvcHTTPMakes it possible to share content via sharing platforms13 months/ up to 2 years Read more 
Marketing bulmedical.com_atuvsHTTPMakes it possible to share content via sharing platformssessionRead more 
Marketingbulmedical.comna_tcHTMLUnqualified  (Pending)12 months 
Marketingbulmedical.combkuHTTPUnqualified  (Pending)1 year 
Marketingaddthis.comlocHTTP Geolocation to determine data sharing specific way between users in the webspace.13  months 
Marketingaddthis.commusHTTPUnqualified  (Pending)1 year
Marketingaddthis.comouidHTTPUnqualified  (Pending)1 year
Marketingaddthis.comuidHTTPRegisters the user with a unique identification code and makes it possible to share content among social networks. Provision of statistical data to various providers.1 year 
Marketingaddthis.comuvcHTTPDetects how often the user clicks on Add this 13 months 
Marketingaddthis.comvcHTTPDetects how often the user clicks on Add this1 year 
Google DoubleClickMarketingdoubleclick.netIDEHTTPSends back data about the user’s behavior after viewing an ad in order to measure the effectiveness of the ad and serve targeted ads to the user2 years 
Marketingdoubleclick.nettest_cookieHTTPChecks if the browser used supports cookiesSession 
Zopimfunctionalzopim.com__cfduidHTTPUser registration with a unique identification code for zopim chat system12 months 
Google .google.comNIDHTTP 6 months