General Terms and Conditions for purchase and sale through online store

These General Terms and Conditions regulate the manner, order and conditions for purchase and
sale through – an online store owned by BG COMMERCE LTD. They constitute a
purchase and sale agreement between BULMEDICAL.BG and the Customer. The BG COMMERCE LTD.
online store provides the Customer with the opportunity to purchase the goods offered by it,
through requests and payments of the relevant sales price, provided that the Customer considers
and adheres to the current General Terms and Conditions. The Customer can make valid requests to
purchase the goods offered by the online store only after registering and agreeing with the current
General Terms and Conditions, by which they are considered bound by the terms of the General
Terms and obliged to observe them. BULMEDICAL.BG reserves the right to change the current
General Terms and Conditions at any time, promptly publishing these changes on its website . In case of changes in the current General Terms and Conditions , the
Customer has the right to reject them by sending a notifying email to . Upon the receipt of the express rejection statement, the purchase
and sale agreement is considered to be terminated. The changes in the General Terms and
Conditions do not affect the relations between the Customer and , which arose
in connection with a valid request for the purchase of goods submitted before the changes.

For the purposes of the current General Terms and Conditions, the listed concepts are used with the
following meaning:
BG COMMERCE LTD. is a commercial company registered in the Commercial Register of the Republic
of Bulgaria at the Registration Agency, with UIC (Unified Identification Code) : 202813912, with seat
and address of management : 9 BELI BREZI Str. in the town of Karlovo, Karlovo Municipality, Plovdiv
Region, Bulgaria. The Company offers goods online on with their
corresponding price and main characteristics described in detail.
The term “Customer” refers to a natural or legal person who has registered with a customer profile
on and has agreed to the current General Terms and Conditions.
The term “Customer Profile” refers to all the information about the Customer such as first and last
name/company name, address, telephone number, email address, UIC/ BULSTAT,etc. The
information is provided by the Customer during the process of registration and is stored and used by only for order purposes. The Customer profile is accessible by entering a
username and password and enables the Customer to view and edit the data entered during the
process of registration, to access the information on all his requests for goods purchase through , to change their password, to subscribe for information bulletin or to cancel
the subscription. By submitting an order/request, the Customer declares and confirms that they are
18 (eighteen) years old.
II. Order/request purchase
In order to obtain the right to make valid requests to purchase the items offered by , it is necessary for the Customer to register by filling in a registration form and
agree to the current General Terms and Conditions.

In order to make a valid registration, the Customer provides with the
following information: first and last name, telephone number, residence address, email address and
guarantees that the data provided during the process of registration is true, complete and accurate.
In case of suspicion by about incorrect and/or outdated information, the
online store reserves the right to immediately terminate the maintenance of the registration and the
access to the customer profile without notice. The Customer is fully responsible for the protection of
their password, as well as for all the actions carried out by them or by third party while using it.
2.General Terms and Conditions Agreement
By ticking the box “I have read the Terms and Conditions and agree to them.” and clicking on the
“Payment” button, the Customer makes an electronic statement within the meaning of the Electronic
Document and Electronic Signature Law, declaring that they are familiar with these General Terms
and Conditions, accepts them and undertakes to comply with them. Our website immediately confirms Customer’s agreement to the current General Terms
and Conditions by sending them an automatic no-reply email. Each Customer’s purchase request
through , based on these General Terms and Conditions, is submitted and
carried out in fulfillment of the purchase and sale agreement between the parties. In case of a
dispute whose will is to be bound by the text of these General Terms and Conditions, the person who
has paid the requested goods, is considered a contract party.
3.Orders/requests submission for purchase/s
An order/request for purchase is submitted by the Customer by consequently performing the
following actions :
1.After entering a valid username and password in the specified places on , the Customer clicks on the “Login” button and gets access to the form
for submitting requests for the purchase of goods and accessories.
2.The Customer determines the type and quantity of the goods/accessories and confirms the
request by clicking on the “BUY” button.
3.The Customer enters information about the delivery address.
4.The Customer chooses the payment method.
5.The Customer agrees to the General Terms and Conditions.
6.The request to purchase a product through is considered to have
been made after clicking on the “PAYMENT” button.
In case of incomplete, incorrect or wrong residence address, email address and/or telephone
number in the process of purchasing a product, the order is considered invalid and cannot complete and confirm it.

  1. Order/request confirmation.
    The purchase request is accepted by BULMEDICAL by sending an automatic message to the
    Customer’s email address. It is confirmed after checking the goods availability and its validity by
    sending a message to the Customer’s email address or telephone number previously specified.
    III. Delivery
    The goods requested for purchase are delivered to the delivery address given by the Customer within
    the following terms:
    -no later than 7 (seven) working days for the country
  • no later than 22 (twenty-two) working days – on the territory of the country if the goods are not
  • free delivery to Bulgaria for orders over 100 BGN
    Deliveries are made through the courier services of Econt. Pre-ordered items will be shipped as soon
    as they are available. The amount will be deducted on the same day the order is placed, despite the
    delayed delivery date. Pre-ordered clothes that are specially designed according to Customer’s
    individual size, requirements and standards are not a subject to a discount. “We” as part of do not guarantee the availability of the ordered products. In case that the
    products are out of stock/unavailable at the time of the request or in case of inability of the
    Company to fulfill its obligations due to product unavailability and impracticable delivery within 24
    (twenty-four) hours after receiving the purchase request, the Customer is notified by an email or a
    callback. “We” as part of will refund the value of the ordered goods/items or
    change the order at the Customer’s request, giving them the opportunity to choose from similar
    goods. The goods are delivered to the Customer or a third party, who receives them and confirms the
    receipt on behalf of the Customer by signing the documents accompanying the purchased products.
    In case that the Customer could not be found within the delivery period at the specified address or
    delivery access is denied, is discharged from a liability to deliver the requested
    and purchased goods. The Customer can confirm their wish to receive the product even after the
    expiry of the delivery period provided that all the expenses related to a redelivery are undertaken by
    them. In this case a new delivery period is set as soon as Customer’s wish for a redelivery is received.
    Orders placed separately within 24 (twenty-four) hours will be delivered separately, unless an
    express written request has been made by email, the Customer has contacted a representative of online store, or a callback/notification email is sent to the Customer by . is not responsible for shipping delays due to weather conditions, issues or
    other circumstances caused by the worldwide epidemiological situation related to COVID 19, beyond
    the control of
    Please note that courier companies do not deliver or accept parcels on the following Bulgarian
    holidays and/or non-working days affected by them: January 1 st , Mart 3 rd , Easter Holidays , May 1 st ,
    May 6 th , May 24 th , September 22 nd , Christmas days (December 24 th ,25 th ,26 th ), December 31 st and others
    due to the worldwide epidemiological situation related to COVID19.
    IV. Payment methods and conditions.
    All goods prices on are in BGN currency. Delivery costs are not included (
    except for the cases when there is a free delivery for orders over 100 BGN).
    The total sum and delivery costs are automatically calculated according to the delivery address and
    before clicking on the “Payment” button , Customers can choose from various payment methods
    such as : cash-on-delivery, credit or debit card or bank transfer to IBAN : BG53IORT81691003038200,
    BIC:IORTBGSF , Invest Bank AD.
    As far as the new customers are concerned, reserves the right to double check
    the transaction and their profile information when paying by credit/debit card or by bank transfer.
    This confirmation process will immediately delay the shipment of the purchased item.
    V.Rights and obligations of a Customer
    A Customer who is a consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act has the right,
    without owing compensation or a penalty and without stating a reason, to withdraw from the

concluded contract for the purchase of goods through by returning the goods
within the time limit of 14 (fourteen) days, counted from the date of its receipt. In case that the
Customer withdraws from the concluded contract within the period of the previous sentence, he
should send a statement of withdrawal from the concluded contract to and
return the goods with intact integrity.
The statement of withdrawal should be sent to the following business address: 9 Beli Brezi Str.
, the town of Karlovo, Karlovo Municipality, Plovdiv Region, Bulgaria or to an email address: . The Customer is obliged to properly store the received product, to
ensure the preservation of its quality and safety, as well as not to violate its integrity.
The Customer can easily check the order status by logging into their profile on
with their email and password and by typing in their order number.
During the execution order period and after the bank payment has been made, the Customer has no
right to refuse the order until they receive it.
Once an order has been placed for the items in stock, no changes can be made.
Customers who have received a promotional code for via email can apply it
during checkout. Each code has its validity and due date which limit its use and it cannot be
After receiving the goods, the Customer has the right to request a return if there is a non-conformity
to the purchased products which couldn’t have been established during a standard inspection. The
Customer has the right to exchange the product in case of a wrong size or transportation damages.
In the cases listed, the Customer may request an exchange for the right requested product by
sending an email to is obliged to make a full refund to the Customer. does not guarantee that access to the online store will be uninterrupted,
timely, secure and error-free to the extent that this is not beyond the capabilities, control and will of . “We” as part of are not responsible for the lack of
access to the same, as well as for the non-processing or untimely processing of purchase requests, in
case of circumstances beyond its control – cases of force majeure, random events, problems in the
global Internet network and in the provision of services beyond the control of is not responsible for the conformity of the goods offered for sale with the
applicable regulatory requirements and for their qualities.
The Customer is obliged to compensate for all the damages, costs and paid
attorney’s fees that occurred in connection with culpable failure to fulfill their obligations under the
current General Terms and Conditions. The Customer is also obliged to compensate for all the damages caused by third parties to whom they provided their
The provisions of the current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to matters not settled
by the current General Terms and Conditions.
The current General Terms and Conditions are effective from ………….
All rights reserved